NUNDOO was founded to help children from low socioeconomic status. Our organization helps low-income families to prevent that the children drops out of the school.

NUNDOO create a compromise with parents and children themselves. We tried to improve their school performance and
the workshops will be directed at behavioral and intellectual growth, where the central axis is the art and expression.

"To be able to give and to learn to receive."

NUNDOO workshops will be open to the childrens of our community. Children will find another way to learn and above all to express themselves, away from the stuffy of the conventional school. Our greatest responsibility will fascinate children involved and keep the charm during all phases in which it develops a theme.

NUNDOO for the personal growth of each child, ensuring their individuality, without prejudice. We take each of our children in their own success.
In the final stage of each topic will generate a craft, will be exhibited and offered for sale on our site. Thus, children are formed, they recreate and learn, in order that other children will benefit from the creations we make.

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