A colorful, high contrast and culturally rich country, full of problems, with a huge deficit in social care. More than the half of the nearly 120 million inhabitants live in poverty and over 20 percent from the Mexicans live in extreme poverty.

Really friendly with the tourists and brutal with his own people. The glossy catalogs from tour operators shows a false facet of Mexico. Corruption is a constant companion, tears deep and fatal wounds in the society. The constant interplay between cheerfully and despair is a completely normal attribute in mexican life. For the most of the population, every morning becomes a new beginning of a virtuous tightrope walking.

Mexico filled with riches and its people sheltered in 500 years of tears.

Unique and admirable in the past cultures - party, frail and trembling in the present, still hopeful and deserving of a more just future.


After the national holiday: waste collection in a street of Coacalco.

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